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HyunA’s ‘Babe’ Is Ma Jam

As always, HyunA delivers the jams, and I receive inspiration for yet another Halloween costume.

The title is confusing because in Korean it’s “bey-bey” or “bae-bae,” and in English it’s just “Babe.” I don’t know if you noticed that but it’s driving me nuts.

Anywho, I love it. When she came out and began with “I am just 26~” all I could think of was IU in “Palette” with “I got this, I’m 25~” and I was like, “Good, I have songs for the next two years.” I don’t know why.

Don’t judge me.

I like the music video. Especially the weird 90’s-esque moments (you ever get that feeling watching an old show and you’re like, this is definitely from the 90’s? That feeling), the dance was pretty good too.

Watch the music video below:


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Source: 1theK Official YouTube

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