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EXO’s ‘Kokobop’ MV

EXO also made a recent comeback with their 4th album, “The War,” featuring their title single, “Kokobop.”

“Kokobop” is…a spectacle. The boys look either really good or very cringe, there’s flying cheeseburgers, nothing makes sense but the dancing is great as always. A+

Watch the music video here:



And yeah, “Kokobop” is nice and all, but have you experienced their second single, “The Eve?” Because if you haven’t you haven’t lived.

Watch the dance practice below:


Like the songs? Buy the album on iTunes or Ktown4U! I’d just like to say I DO like the whole album, I just have an irrational love for “The Eve.” That is all.

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Source: SMTOWN Official YouTube 1, 2, 3

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