My Last Day In Cali: It Got Awkward and I Didn’t Want to Leave

The end of a vacation is always a sad time indeed. I had to face the fact that I had to spend half the day in the airport T^T and then go home.

The day started out with me going out to the pedal boat place in Echo Park again. This time it was open. It was $10 for one hour and they take debit, btw.

They have you put on a life vest, sign some papers, help you into the boat and then you’re on your own. I pedaled by myself, which was a bit challenging, but also very relaxing. It was the first time I was on any boat and it was pretty amazing.


That was great. Afterwards, I was thoroughly exhausted, and ate at the Beacon Cafe, which is the building in the park where you rent the boats. Their cereal cookie and blueberry lemonade are very nice.


After that I wandered around K-Town. I was at the plaza when I texted my friend and she said she wouldn’t be able to hang out until later, so I decided to go pack. Before I did that though, I stopped at Boba Time and got myself some Dirty Horchata.


That was the shop in the Madang plaza.

While I was in the main K-Town plaza, I became hyper aware that people were staring at me. I think it might have been because my friend said something. See, I know they’re staring at me. But it felt super intense that day. So I bought some coffee from Nicole’s and went on my way.

It seems like I drank a lot of coffee/stuff that day but there was a lot of walking and subway riding in between those drinks. Or maybe I just don’t hydrate enough at home. *shrugs.

I stopped at Yoshinoya before I went back to my hotel. It’s a specialty rice bowl restaurant. It was pretty okay. Not bad, but it’s not the most super delicious thing I had eaten this whole trip.

I packed up my things and cleaned up all my garbage (which took like three hours). It took awhile with all the shoving of things into my bags that I had to do. Then Miriam and I went out for dinner one last time.

We looked for places to eat and found this hole-in-the-wall called Han Bat Shul Lang Tang. It was simple and delicious. There was a bit of a wait since the place was poppin at 9 at night.

After dinner, Miriam and I said our goodbyes and I called for a Lyft and went to the airport. I fell asleep the whole flight to Minneapolis, then I took another nap when I got to my area for my flight back to Iowa, and then I had food.


I got a cab ride home and I took a nap. It was a great trip and hopefully next time I’ll make it in time for KCON. See you all soon!

Watch my last day vlog here:

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