G-Friend’s ‘Love Whisper’ MV

G-Friend released their title track “Love Whisper” music video on August 1st from their 5th mini album, “Parallel.” The song is sweet and upbeat, like always with the familiar feeling Buddys have come to love

The music video starts out with them at a cabin, camping I assume. Yerin is going around with some sort of ‘detector’ thing until she finds a radio under the furniture. For some god forsaken reason, SinB decides it’s a good idea to shake it (it looks so old, SinB. Don’t shake it!). They turn it on the the song (and video) begin to play.

The instrumental of the song starts off slow at first, which drives me nuts because I know it’s not a slow song. The song is super catchy and sweet. It’s definitely reaching back to their days before “Fingertip,” which is nice because they like their cute concept.

The dance is phenomenal as always. Watch the music video below:


They’ve also released their dance practice version video so watch that below as well:


Is that not enough for you? Well watch their behind the scenes video here for 17 minutes of too much:


Last but not least, the jacket making video:


Like the song? Buy the mini album on iTunes. If you want a physical album, head over to KTOWN4U!

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