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FAKY Will Release ‘Sweet’ New Single on August 20th!

FAKY are making a comeback, and I am all but ready for it. they will be making their comeback with the single, “Suga Sweet” on August 20th, and will be streamable on Spotify.

Sadly for those of us who use iTunes/Apple Music, we’ll have to wait until the 30th for its release. This song was written by DJ FRESH (ex. “Hot Right Now” feat. Rita Ora) and BB Diamond (ex. Shift K3Y “Gone Missing“, EDXWant You (Then I Found You)“).

You can listen to the preview here:


The song sounds absolutely amazing and I can’t wait until I listen to it until I hate myself.

Also, just a message to some people out there, stop fucking putting Beyond The Scene (BTS) where they don’t fucking belong. Suga ain’t collaborating with FAKY, he’s not in the tease, there’s no reason he should be brought up, but of course, ARMYs have to fucking do it. Why? I assume these children can’t NOT be a part of the conversation, even when it’s not about them.

Usually I keep my cool when other fandoms come and support groups in the YouTube chat but this was unnecessary. Keep the fuck out of my J-Pop, out of my non BTS related fandoms, out of my non BTS feed, all of it. Just fucking stop it.


That aside, FAKY are amazing, I can’t wait for the video. And another thing, I’d love if they did another reality show like when they were preparing to debut that would be so dope.

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Source: avexnetwork, FAKY newsletter

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