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KCONNY 2017: Friendship and Happiness Part 1

What a mouthful! But this vacation was amazing. It’s my only KCON this year (CRIES)  but I have other concerts to make up for this travesty.

Anywho, the day started off with me double checking my luggage, adding last minute things in, etc. And then playing a video game because I got bored and anxious.

It was Tales of Xillia 2, in fact. And my ride came right before the boss battle.

I made it down there in one piece, and my family and I (the two people that came down with me) were talking for a while to pass the time. But before I knew it they were leaving and it was time for me to go.

The plane ride was agonizingly long so I read a book “Wintersong,” by S. Jae-Jones. It’s a retelling of “Labyrinth,” (a 1986 American film by Jim Henson). It’s pretty good so far.

I actually had time to eat in the airport (shocking, I know). That and I still made it to my area on time. Lies. Actually, it was delayed by an hour.

When I got to Norfolk my friends Leigh and Molly (Hallyu and a Biscuit; Hi:Asia) and myself began talking and whatnot.

For the next few days we sat at the house having fun, talking about K-Pop, sharing memes. They’re still trying to drag me into Monbebe hell with them. I now have like, 3-4 biases in Monsta X. This is highly unnecessary.

The next day, Leigh let my ass sleep until almost 4 pm, we sat around and talked, and then Leigh made dinner. Neither of us are too sure. I asked her and we were like


We do remember looking at a banner and looking at the Korean (someone mistranslated a banner and ended up giving it to an idol during a concert. They were confused but were nice enough to pretend and take it anyway).

So we just hung out the next day, and the day after that we went for pho (Vietnamese noodles) and I had Vietnamese coffee for the first time. IT WAS THE BOMB


We then went to (or before I can’t remember) a  beauty supply store where I bought several sticks/tubes of purple lipsticks because 1) I look damn fine in purple 2) my older co-worker hates it and I give no fucks because I look damn fine in it.

The next day We headed out to New Jersey to stay with some of ‘Mitch’s’ relatives.

My friends like to sleep in late, but I was up bright and early, so I was grandmothered by ‘Mitch’s’ grandma until they woke up. We then went to the train station for a 45-ish minute ride to the convention center.

When I used my scratch offs, I got G-Friend and Highlight audience passes, which is all I had even hoped for so I was a happy potato. That, and the moment I walked in I SAW KNK AND DANNY IM BECAUSE HE WAS INTERVIEWING THEM AND I MADE ALL THE FANGIRL NOISES.


The concert that night was AMAZING. Everything about it was amazing. The performances, the collabs (I cried at the “Beauty and the Beast” collab with YuJu (like 90% positive because I can’t find the video right now) of G-Friend and Dongwoon of Highlight made me cry, G-Friend made me cry, Highlight made me cry, Highlight singing B2st songs MADE EVERYONE AND THEIR MOMMA CRY we legit started screaming so loud my ears got plugged up omg. It was amazing.

That’s what I’m gonna leave you with today because it’s been so long since I tried writing this that my brain is a little fuzzy and also it’s late afternoon and I’m still feeling jetlag from my current trip.

See you soon!

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