Day 6 in LA: To the Restaurant, To the Mall!

That was totally a rap joke I’m sorry. /not sorry/ but today, I met a friend from high school and we spent the day together.

Since I wasn’t meeting my friend until the afternoon, I thought I’d take the time to go down and ride the pedal boats in Echo Park.

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Turns out, it was closed today, but they’ll be open tomorrow. So I rode the bus to Koreatown and met up with my long time friend, Miriam.

We went to the Korean Plaza first and ate at the food court. She got bibimbap and I got ddeokkbokki. She loves both, FYI. She’d never had them before.

After that, I showed her around Music Plaza and explained some stuff about K-Pop and merchandise. We went to a store with cute stationary, looked around for a bit and then left to go to the Americana and surrounding stores.

We went to Barnes and Noble, Aldo, Target, looked around some other stores and then we circled back to K-Town for dinner.

This time, we went to the K-Town Galleria for dinner, where we both ordered cold noodles. I ordered the same thing the first time I ever ate in the Galleria, a mixed cold noodle bowl (쭐면) from Noodle Plus while she ordered from the restaurant I ate at a couple days ago.

After that, we headed to Choice Music, where I asked about the B2ST mouse pad I saw a couple days ago. The two guys there had no idea what I was talking about. One of the guys was even nice enough to call somebody and ask. That was cool though because I bought a Highlight calendar and two B.A.P albums. The guy who is the face of the Instagram was the one checking me out (of the store, not like that) told me about the autographed version so I upgraded, got two posters and two photo cards. #yas

I don’t wanna talk about how much I just emptied my wallet. But I saved up all year for this trip, I’ll be damned if I go home empty handed.

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