Day 5 in LA: Santa Monica

If there was one solid goal I set for myself this vacation, it was to visit the beach and see the ocean. I did not, however, expect ocean shoe theft.

My day started out pretty late. I’m trying to sleep in late so I can stay up late because I leave so early on Thursday. So I didn’t leave the hotel until around 12, I got on the wrong bus, had to get the right bus, got to the train station and took a 45-minute train ride to downtown Santa Monica.

I went to the pier first and rode the ferris wheel. I love ferris wheels and the ocean so it was a double plus for me.

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After that, I went down to the beach and sat for awhile, stood in the ocean, ALMOST LOST A DAMN SHOE AND KEY OF SHINEE SOCK TO THE OCEAN, and then I went to Lush and spent over $90 on bubble bath bars/bath bombs.

Yeah, see, what happened at the ocean was, I was standing in the water and I had my shoes and socks and whatnot back on the beach. I didn’t put them far enough back though, so the waves caught one of my shoes that had my sock in it. I tried running after it, but this one dude was faster, thankfully. I thought I was gonna have to swim after my shoe.

After that, I ate at a nearby cafe, Caffe Bella. I had an okay sandwich and a very bitter coffee.

So, after I got back I decided I needed redemption coffee, and went to the shop that’s just down the street. It was loads better and I felt the redemption and caffeine course through me.

I had soup and went to bed after that.

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