Day 4 in LA: Adventures of Friendship in Little Tokyo

Yesterday I met up with my friend Nat and we were hanging out in Little Tokyo aka J-Town when we were joined by a few other people and then we ran off to K-Town.

Pretty much a brief explanation of what happened. I went to J-Town hella early because I was getting stir crazy in my hotel room. So I went to a cafe called Cafe Dulce. It’s a nice quaint cafe and I got a matcha cream filled donut and a red bean filled donut with green tea icing and candied almonds/walnuts (I wasn’t too sure) with an iced latte. So I sat there for a while before heading out.

I stopped at the cosmetics shop and picked up some makeup wipes because I ran out while on this trip. I think a thick pack came to a little over $6. I paid $4 for a dinky pack that I didn’t even like at Wal-Mart. These ones are super nice, but I can’t read Japanese so I’ll put a photo here later so you know what kind they are.

(Bifesta is the brand, btw)


So I was waiting for my friend, and I had to go to the bathroom. I didn’t wanna go into one of the shops just to buy something to go pee. So instead I went to the museum to pay $6 to go pee. And charge my devices. I did look around a bit. But I pretty much paid $6 to pee.

The most expensive pee I ever made. /cries/

Anyway, after that, we finally met up and went to a few shops to look around before we went to an ice cream shop for taiyaki, the pan fried fish filled with red bean/custard/Nutella, etc. I got a traditional red bean taiyaki with a milk ice cream taiyaki with crushed Oreos and sprinkles with a medium iced coffee. I was hungry, it was hot, don’t judge me.

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After that, we met her friends and we sat there talking for almost two hours before we headed out again. We went to shop after shop before we split and Nat and I went to K-Town. Before that happened though, we stumbled upon the Obon festival where we watched some taiko drum players before we headed back out.

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After that we went to Daiso, Nature Republic, Music Plaza, Artbox, and I think a few other stores before we went to Paris Baguette. We got curry buns (my friend really loves them, and I agree. A+), I got a crab/avocado sandwich, and we got coffee.


Sadly after this, we parted ways. I once again, as I have every day this week, took a wrong bus, finally got on the right bus, and headed back to my hotel. Thoroughly exhausted.

Watch my vlog below:

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