My First Day in LA

So, to sum it up: it was a disaster.

Okay, so that line was super dramatic but it’s TRUE. I left Iowa around 9:30, landed in Minneapolis until my flight at 12.

I got through TSA (had two separate flights) went to Caribou, sat across from a cutie pie while I looked like a hot mess. Ate my scone and downed a large mocha (hot, btw). and we got on the plane.


I managed to nap on and off while listening to my iPod, eating almonds, a granola bar, drank Sprite, and then softly crying to “Beauty and the Beast.”

Yeah, you read that right. I cry every time. Literally.

Anywhoodle-doodle-poodle, I got off the plane, did not pee before I got in the Uber and suffered the 30-minute drive to my hotel.

Where not even 20 minutes after check in I realized that my phone was stolen.

Watch the video below for a recap of the whole ordeal:


So yeah. Thanks to my best friend, neighbor and the nice desk clerk who helped me literally ALL DAY.

So that was my first day in LA. Stay tuned for more!

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