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I’m Going to KARD in Minneapolis

I thought I’d seen KARD for the first and not so last time, but certainly not this close. And here they are again with another tour!

Sadly I can’t go with my friends to the Washington stop, so I decided to go to the Minneapolis stop. I have friends there too, but I’ve never met them in person (I’ve known them for years from past experience on K-Pop websites).

Anyway, I’ve booked the hotel so far. I went to book the flight/bus (whichever I choose, I haven’t chosen yet) and oh boy…I’m gonna have to ask for another day off. I mean, I have another day’s worth of PTO but damn…those old girls at work are not gonna shut up about me going places.

Luckily for them (but sadly for me) it’s my last trip of the year. Soon after this, blackout season starts for the holidays, in which minimal (if any) days off are approved. So yeah. KARD in Minneapolis is my last concert for the year.

So, on to the actual stuff. Take a look at the schedule below:


Minneapolis is the first stop, followed by Washington, New York, Miami and finally they make their last stop in San Francisco.

The ticket prices have already been released, view the master post here for more venue options but I’ll be posting the one for Minneapolis below:


P1: $175 – Fansign – “Hola Hola” album. You are given the album and you walk in a line down the table as they sign your album.

P2: $145 – Group Photo – you and 10 other people determined by line order are taken in and posed with KARD for a photo that you can later retrieve the photo from SubK‘s social media and official website.

P3: $115 – High Touch – you are blessed with a high five from KARD as you walk down a line. No hugging, only high five. You will be rushed by grumpy venue people if you don’t hurry.

P4: Signed Poster – That’s pretty much it. They pre-sign the poster and from what the website says you can pick up your poster after the show.

P5: $55 – you are blessed by KARD’s stage presence and charisma as they grace the stage during the fan meet. No other perks.

Tickets go on sale August 12th, 10 AM in all time zones. For now, be #blessed with KARD’s current comeback music video, “Hola Hola” here:


While you’re at it, you should buy their album from either iTunes or KTOWN4u. Just cause.

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