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FAKY ‘Someday We’ll Know’ MV

FAKY released a new music video last week for their single, “Someday We’ll Know” from their…re-debut album? They had their debut album as a five member unit in 2014 with “The One,” but their new debut album “Unwrapped” is being released on the 14th?  *shrugs

But how is it a debut mini album if they already have a mini album (“Candy,” 2015)? I don’t know anymore. Maybe they’re pulling an SM/DSP ‘debuted-but-psych-not-actually-debuted’ ugh.

The song is super catchy, by the way. It’s a great summer song and I just love everything about it.

Anyway, view the album trailer and music video below! The album will be released on June 14th!



So far, half the album is already made up of pre-released tracks…so…yeah. I’m excited still. I love FAKY and they deserve all the releases they want.

Like the song? Pre-order from iTunes!

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