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KARD in Chicago Experience

This is a long time coming for an event I couldn’t shut up about. Between work and school I have been so exhausted that most days I come home and go straight to sleep.

But enough about that, what about KARD?!?!

So the day before the concert, I worked a full day and left for the airport. And when I was at the (unfathomably small) airport, my backpack broke. I have used the backpack for almost three years to travel to KCON

R.I.P adventure backpack

So yeah. The plane I went on was also super tiny, otherwise known as a puddle jumper.

Time for takeoff! #kardinchi

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Two hours later I landed in the airport. From there I ate McDonalds because I hadn’t eaten since like, 10 AM and it was almost 7. I made my way to the very bottom, where the subway station was. I used the VENTA machine (Think TAP, if you’re familiar with Cali transportation, it works the same), which is the transportation card vendor for Chicago.

I tried helping an older couple but when I showed them with mine, the woman clearly wasn’t paying attention and was like, “I don’t want that one,” and I was like, “…This is mine, I’m just showing you what buttons to push.” Like I’m gonna pay for your card. Bitch please.

They finally figured it out, but the girl next to me needed help. I was actually able to help her through the process too.

We finally boarded the train and about an hour, one wrong bus and the right bus later I made it to my hotel around 10 PM. It was rather nice.

Watch the video below:

So the next day I woke up at 5:30, but Panera doesn’t open until 6, so I got ready and headed out. It was great, btw.

Caramel mocha, spinach/egg/avocado sandwich and cherry pastry

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And then I headed to Chinatown, walked around for a bit, and figured out…I was way too early for anything. Most shops open at 11 AM, if not later, so I had to walk around. Eventually I needed to use a restroom.

Lo and behold, most shops don’t have public restrooms so I had to find the library. It took me forever, and when I finally found it I realized I could have literally turned around and walked for two minutes because it was LITERALLY RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF THE TRAIN STOP.

After I finished feeling like a damn fool, I went inside. This gave me a chance to charge my devices and figure out where to go from there.

I finally left after a while and went to the K-Pop shop. It’s just as expensive as LA or NJ, so be prepared. The clothing might not be official, but the albums sure are and most of them are repackages and deluxe versions.

I bought a face mask, a G-Friend phone charm and Romeo‘s debut album.

Watch the unboxing here:

After that, I found a shop to eat at. This was my first time eating congee, which is a rice porridge. Mine was made with chicken, ginger and green onions. The bowl was bigger than my head but I didn’t want to seem rude to the nice old Chinese ladies so I ate it all.

I was so full.

So I left and wandered around some more until it was time to head to the Copernicus Center for the concert.

MY ASS, FORGOT TO BRING MY TICKETS FROM MY ROOM, I HAD TO GO TO THE LIBRARY AND FUCKING PRINT THEM, which was an ordeal in and of itself. I then got registered for the concert.

I got my wristband, my merch (hat+shirt) and sat down. I was talking to a couple people and bought some fan made fandom merch (photo cards and pins), and we all got our fan-made papers (hearts, banners, fan chants), and SubK filmed us for a sing-a-long.

Watch the video below:


It was really fun. Also, when I went in to get my merch, I could hear them rehearsing “Oh NaNa,” it was surreal.

At one point during out kpop dance party outside (people had speakers and were at first exclusively blasting KARD, but then other K-Pop songs), I had to pee. I had held it in, for soooo long. I also probably should not have gotten a large blueberry iced coffee before heading to the concert venue. But I did.

And oh, reader. It was a long, torturous walk to Dunkin Donuts. Me and two other girls had to pee and we had to figure out how to unlock the door (ask the cashier). Sweet relief.

Never will make that mistake again.

/that’s a lie, I’ll probably forget and will in fact make the exact mistake again/

When we finally went into the concert, I finally bumped into my new friend Aiden. We had been talking about meeting up earlier in the day but could never work anything out. Turns out we were both at the venue during our little ‘k-pop party.’

The concert was fantastic and I could not have asked for a better experience. Me and two new friends went through the high touch line together and we were all a mess as we left. All I remember about the high touch is saying ‘hi’ to all the members and looking up at BM because he’s sooooooo taaaaaall.

Here’s a recap of my experiences that night:


It was great and I hope they come back for another tour, I’ll be waiting. Click here for the link to all my pics. There’s a lot and I got lazy so here they are.

*NOTE: The videos in my Drive are fancams. Screaming, crying, terrible Korean and loud, off key singing are present. You have been warned.

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