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K.A.R.D in Chicago Schedule Released

It’s six days before I leave for Chicago, and a week before the K.A.R.D concert/fan meet. Yesterday, SubK released the official schedule.

It begins at 2, when the merch pickup happens, which lasts until 5 pm. What also happens at 2 is the beginning of the benefits pickup. What this is, explained by a SubK rep on Facebook, is that, “Hi there, 2-5PM is the time frame you have to pick up the benefit in order to take part of Group Photo or Hi-Touch (which takes place after the show). The benefit is a means of letting you and the staff know which one you have, whether it is Group Photo or Hi-Touch. If you have a P1 or P2 seat, please find the designated table at the venue to check in! (You won’t miss it! :))”

Which probably means a wristband or something. Benefits will be given AFTER the show, which is when the P3 people can pick up their posters.

The benefit pickup will still be happening after the doors officially open at 6:30.

As of yesterday, this is what the tickets look like:

There’s still a lot of P2 for sale, and most cities still have P4 for sale, while P1 and P3 are completely sold out. That and there’s still scalpers.

For more information, review my previous post, or visit SubK’s official K.A.R.D FAQ.

Merch sales are still going on until 5 p.m. PDT. Any leftover merch from online will be sold at the venues, but at full prices and will be sold until gone. I mean that goes without saying, but that means no re-stocking is what I was getting at.

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