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K.A.R.D In Chicago Update: Merch and More!

Merchandise for the WILD K.A.R.D in USA tour by SubK went on sale a few days ago, and we only have until April 28th to have the discounted prices.

The Chicago show will be on May, 5th @ 7 pm, doors open at 6:30. The venue is the Copernicus Center.

I wanted to make a post to go over some stuff since a lot of people were still asking about merchandise, cameras, etc. So here goes:

Discounted prices are ONLY for the online shop, and as the poster below states, if you don’t choose the ‘pickup at venue’ option, all shipping will happen 4-6 weeks AFTER the tour concludes.

Online pre-orders will end on April 28th at 5pm PDT, and any leftover merchandise will be sold at the venue for full price.

There is also a NO GIFT policy, no gift giving to the artists at all. Don’t even bother because I don’t want to see you disappointed.

NO professional cameras, however pictures/video allowed.

Only the top 3 tiers have benefits, which I’ll explain below:

This is a fan meet, not a meet and greet, so don’t expect to be able to chat it up with them. The Hi-Touch seems like it’ll be just like KCON, where we all line up and quickly slap hands. (P2)

The photo op will be with 10 other people and the pictures will be published on SubK’s official Facebook page. (P1)

If you’re getting a signed poster (P3) it’s 24″ x 18″ and is not the same as the poster being sold on the website.


Merchandise pickup is still being discussed at this point in time.


View the image below: 

You can look up more information on the official KARD FAQ page on the SubK website. If you have any merchandise related questions or concerns, contact SubK at:

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