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Suprise: I’m Going to KARD’s ‘Wild KARD’ Tour in Chicago!

This was a last minute decision, and I tried to get my friends to talk me out of it because it was so crazy, but Leigh likes to live on the edge and did the exact opposite.

Darn her. But also, my entire friend group as well as myself, adore KARD, and so I asked for the day off, I bought the concert ticket, booked a hotel, flight, I’m ready.

Happy early birthday to me. I bought a P2 ticket, which guarantees a hi-touch. Here’s a view of the perk tiers:

I almost got P1, but I get to touch their hands with P2, which sounds kinda weird, but I also didn’t wanna stand with a bunch of strangers. So high fives are super nice too.

This is also described as more of a fan meeting than a concert according to the official FAQ, though they did state that they would be performing songs, which I assume at least are their two released singles.

Seating charts have also been released for the three venues, but Houston’s is backwards because it’s showing who goes in first (P1-P4) and it is an all standing venue, btw.

View the charts below:


Tickets went on sale today, April 15th, and can be bought on TicketFly (Chicago), AXS (Los Angeles), and Eventbrite (Texas).

Since I’m going to the Chicago show, I’ll have you know that there will be roughly a $5 fee when you finish, if you don’t opt for ticket snail mail delivery ($2.50). Mobile and at home printing options are free.

News about merchandise hasn’t been released yet,  but I’ll update you when they do!

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