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KCONNY2017: Artist Updates

So, I’m going to KCONNY again this year, and I’m very bitter about not being able to go to KCONLA this year because of scheduling conflicts at work, so I won’t be covering LA once their artists are released.

I’m happy for y’all, but I’m also bitter, so I’m just not gonna say anything.

However, since I’m going to NY, I’ll update you on all those fun things. Updates are kinda slow, and instead of Snapchat, KCON’s official Instagram has take over the official hint giving, and they’re up to their nonsense ways again.

The first artists released were TWICE and CNBLUE. I saw CNBLUE in 2014 during my first KCON. Not a big fan, but I can’t say I hate them. I like one or two singles and then they just kinda exist outside of me liking Jung Yong Hwa from “You’re Beautiful” (2009).

I saw TWICE last year, and while Jeongyeon is my sweet little fluff ball…I don’t stan TWICE, I’m more of what I like to refer to as a ‘singles’ fan, where I like their major releases, but outside of that not really.

The latest hints were released the day before yesterday (Wednesday) and it turns out the soups and sink were still pertaining to the 70,000 and finger files. Yes, it’s G-FRIEND, MY BABIES, I LOVE THEM SO MUCH AND I GET TO SEE THEM IN CONCERT AGAIN, MY POOR ACHING HEART. I’M SO FUCKING EXCITED I CAN’T EVEN. /cries/

The soup was for the ‘tang, tang, tang’ in their single, “Fingertip,” because ‘tang‘ is ‘soup’ in Korean. The 70,000 was for their latest accomplishment with reaching 70,000 members on their fancafe. Finger files are self explanatory, but you wouldn’t get the sink hint unless you watched them on variety shows (I do and I still didn’t get it right away). It’s from “Singderella,” when they were explaining how they get drunk and who had started saying they needed to do dishes (Even though this person never does them).


My friends are quite upset though. Because once again, we are getting artists that LA just had, (CNBLUE would have come had the trade scandal not happened last year) and it’s just kinda…well they feel like they’re getting leftovers.

And that’s okay. KCON does show blatant favortism to LA, and as a newcomer to the NJ show, I can understand that. Have you been to the LA market? It’s amazing. Have you been to the NJ market? It’s dinky and there’s not a lot of selection, not to mention there’s not even K-Pop shops around the Prudential center so we can’t even buy CDs or merch in NJ outside of KCON.

Before I get too ahead of myself, I did do some digging, and apparently there are a couple stores you can go to (link). Hopefully we’ll be able to do things. I know a lot of my friends outside of going to the audience viewing/hi touches didn’t like the market and trust me, aside from the concert the food was the highlight of KCONNY16.

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