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C-ute Return With Latest Triple Single ‘To Tomorrow/ファイナルスコール/The Curtain Rises ‘

C-ute has returned to slay my soul with their latest single, or singles, “To Tomorrowファイナルスコール (Final Squall)/The Curtain Rises.” Awhile ago, C-ute announced that they were disbanding this June. It’s still unreal, my first Japanese idol girl group. They’ve been around for 11 years.

Enough with the sadness. Let’s move on to the music!

“To Tomorrow” is a cute ode to parents and growing up. The girls are in white, flowing dresses in the desert in between shots of them with backup dancers in a simple, white room.

“Final Squall” is a mix between live performance and staged music video. The video starts out by thanking C-ute staff as the song tells of a breakup where the one speaking wishes the best for the other one even though they’ll always love them. I may cry.

The last song is “The Curtain Rises.” It’s very K-Pop like, and it’s a great song. My favorite out of the three in fact.

Watch the music videos below:


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Like C-ute?








Source: C-ute Official YouTube

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