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G-Friend Are Funny Drunks

So, I was going through my YouTube feed, and I was looking at G-Friend for some reason (probably because I’m trash), and I stumbled upon this video.

Oh, I remember now. I was making it so that I could get notifications on all their videos. Because I’m trash.

Anywhoodle-doodle-poodle, I stumbled upon this video, which is an episode of “Singderella,” where the girls of G-Friend talk about who’s the crazy drunk, who wants to do dishes, who acts like a puppy and Heechul of SuJu and HeeJun of H.O.T are there.

Watch the video below:


Buy their 4th mini album, “The Awakening” while you’re at it, now available on iTunes!

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Source: Buddy HQ

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