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Drowning in 1TYM Feelz

Y’all know how biased I am towards 1TYM. I could go on about my useless knowledge of these four dorks. But I just wanna share videos that I found. I was in my FEELZ the other day…okay it went on for like a week. Sometimes my feelz do that.

Anyway, I found some really cool videos of 1TYM and Danny‘s solo stuff that I thought I’d share with my fellow Hip Hop Villagers.

Some of Danny’s video’s are covers like “I Don’t Wanna Know” and “You Got It Bad,” (audio quality on that one isn’t 100%, just warning you) while there are some random 1TYM interaction vids that I found.

Watch the videos below:













What’s your favorite 1TYM video? Tell me in the comments below!

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