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S.E.S’s 20th Anniversary Comeback is Boppable

If ‘boppable’ wasn’t a word, well it is now, as you’ll see in the dictionary I just invented. Next to ‘bopabble’ you’ll see a flawless photo of SES.


After a long hiatus (well, disbandment really), kids and life, SES are back with their triple singles, “Remember,” “Paradise” and “Love [Story].”





“Remember” is the title track and namesake of the album. It’s a very upbeat ballad with stunning visuals in the music video.

“Paradise” is a throwback with a classic 90’s feel and a great music video to match. The girls still have it, of course.

“Love [Story]” is a remake of their title single of their third album released back in 1999. Wow. Yes, I did go back and look at the original. In the revamp, they have current photo shoot footage and clips from past music videos. They also have a cheesy rap breakdown that has several of their song titles in it (“Twilight Zone,” “I’m Your Girl,” “I Love You,” etc).

You can buy the album (yes, actual album) on iTunes, which contains and English version of “Remember.”

Like SES? Visit their official homepage!

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