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Best Male K-Pop Debuts of 2016

While it seems I haven’t been able to look and listen to new stuff as much as I’d have liked to this year, I did have a few rookies that caught my eye.


I watched this video while in Virginia with Leigh and Molly of Highlight:Asia, and we all agreed that the outfits and feel of the music video were very reminiscent of EXILE.



I’ve been with these boys since their debut with “Hide and Seek“. These boys are a delight live, and have so much potential. My favorite song from them though has to be “Breathless.”



This is another group that I began to adore in Virginia. They have that early K-Pop sound and they’re all adorable, of course, not to mention talented. This is their debut single, “I’m Fine.”



Weird name, but they’re harmonizing in “In Your Voice” is A+ and they’re vocals are amazing.



I don’t know what’s up with ‘V’ groups this year, but I remember them releasing teasers for their debut, “SHE.” The sound is super funky while the video is throwback and it’s just yes.


NCT (127, U, Dream)

This is SM‘s literal biggest group with multiple sub units that began with 127’s “The 7th Sense.” Taeyong appeared in Red Velvet‘s “Be Natural,” which garnered more attention for the already budding trainees.



They debuted with a cute school boy concept in “Lollipop” and have since moved on towards a more mature image. The song is a bop and one member looks like JoKwon‘s mini me.



We’re always excited when a member of our favorite boy band finally gets a solo, or perhaps a standalone artist caught your eye this year? These are my personal favorites


Bobby (iKON)

I reserve the right to be YG trash, as Bobby’s solo was one of the best as far as idols go. “Holup” is still a bop. Man, I should stop saying that. While I recognize that MOBB (Mino and Bobby unit debut) debuted, I didn’t add the group because…I don’t know. I prefer Bobby’s song though, so that’s what’s on the list.


Min Yoongi (Agust D)

Yoongi of BTS set the K-Pop world on FIRE when he dropped his mixtape, everyone, I mean EVERYONE on my friends list was talking about it that day and following weeks just solidified it’s bopness.


Sam Kim

This is Sam Kim. He debuted on KBS SuperStar K with Crush and the single, “No Sense.” Sam Kim has been ruining my life for the past two days because he sings a heart-wrenching song on “Goblin” (also known as “Guardian”).



Lay finally got his solo debut, which everyone agrees was well deserved. He was given two music videos, one for “what U need?” and another for “Lose Control.” I nearly lost control seeing the latter the first time, nearly falling over at Leigh’s house. Gave everyone a good laugh.

But noy was I shook

I’m still shook

The shookest of shook


Thanks for joining me for my best of male debut lists, get ready for my best of the ladies, coming soon!

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