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Best Female K-Pop Debuts of 2016

There is nothing that will make me weaker than an adorable female debut, just ask G-Friend. I also like sexy and confident, bombastic debuts, but that’s not the point. The point is, the female debuts of 2016!~

Let’s get started!


I really thought I would stan them harder, being a YG stan and all, but after their in-your-face debut with “BOOMBAYAH” and “Whistle,” they went way too mellow. Perhaps next comeback?



The group began as a show called “Produce 101,” where the girls competed and the winning group would debut, which led to the birth of I.O.I. I saw them at KCON LA  and they weren’t my favorite, especially since they didn’t blow me away with their debut, “Dream Girls.” But I fell head over heels for them after “Very Very Very” and “Whatta Man.”



This is Jellyfish Entertainment‘s girl group, sister group to VIXX, and they debuted with “Wonderland.” While I don’t have them front and center on my radar, I did enjoy their debut single.


Cosmic Girls (WJSN) 

This is the latest group from Starship Entertainment. They debuted with two singles, “Catch Me” and “MoMoMo.” I like them, but I don’t love them and honestly I haven’t followed them much either. I hope I can see more of them this coming year.




I didn’t like their debut, “Oh Ma Mind,” but their latest, “Love Is A Sudden” is a total bop. I can’t wait to hear more from them.


Now for solos~ Since I was picky with the boys, I’ll be picky with the girls too. That and not only is this super late, but I have homework to do T^T


She released her solo mini album of the same name as her single, “I Just Wanna Dance,” and every Sone on my friends list lost their minds. And duh, cuz it’s awesome.


Luna (f(x))

Luna debuted with “Free Somebody,” which mixes animation with live action. The song is great and the music video is just as catching.



Hyo, aka my precious princess of SNSD, also received a solo debut this year with “Mystery.” It’s super catchy and wonderful and fills me with glee.



Jessica planned to leave SNSD after their “Catch Me If You Can” promotions, but was abruptly left in the dust (or so the story goes) when she tried to stay. If anything, she made a triumphant return with her debut “Fly,” which to be honest I didn’t like that much. I actually prefer the follow up single, “Love Me The Same” and her latest “Wonderland” is super catchy.


Stay tuned for the last installment of the best of 2016, my top 15 of ’16!

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