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To My 4 Years of Blogging, Hooray!!!! *Throws Glitter

It’s been a long year since I started school again. I haven’t blogged much, which has made me a bit sad, but I’m still trucking along, as you can see.

Four years is a long time. Thanks for following me through everything. From my tiny ‘blog’ posts, if that’s what you could call them, to my YouTube channel…s. I started one, couldn’t use that email anymore, started another one, and then…somehow…another…that was more due to confusion I think. Yeah.

I’m using my official MsThugBear YouTube account, fyi just in case you didn’t know. I’ve decided to use that a lot more, so check it out for some music video and snack box reviews (SnackFever, wassuuuuup!)

I’ve met a lot of amazing people and I just did a collab with Big Beat Records, so thank you very much.

Thank you Danny Im for touching my CD…and signing it /I WILL NEVER BE OVER THIS/

Thank you to my readers, followers, subscribers, all of you I love and appreciate you so much, you have no idea.

This year was hard and I have a hard year ahead with UNI and keeping my blog running, but I promise you I will try my best. Because that’s all I can do and y’all know I’m bad with solid shit.

To another year. Hopefully another four.

Thank you so much,


/throws glitter/

/instantly regrets it/

Damn, that’ll take forever to get out of my hair.

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