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HITCHHIKER Still Making Your Eyes Pop Out of Your Skull With ‘$10’ + Big Beat Exclusive ‘Ding Dong’

You know what’s not worth $10? The amount of therapy I’ll need convincing myself that I am in fact not high on drugs. I’ve never done drugs, but I assume it’s very much like watching one of HITCHHIKER‘s videos.

This is his latest release, “$10” which, ironically enough, is less than $10 on iTunes.

HITCHHIKER is an SM producer who debuted as a solo artist in 2014 with “Eleven,” released a remix of the single in 2015 and came back with “$10,” as well as releasing the single “Ding Dong,” which is featured on the Netflix original film, “XOXO.”

The song “10” was apparently inspired by a personal event, “While traveling through New York City, he heard a man selling umbrellas and yelling “$10” over and over again. It proved both heartbreaking and hypnotic to hear the sound of hard work out loud. It was indubitably inspiring.”

What really caught me in the song was the sound of the gayageum and drums. That and he brought back the red, square fish wearing ladies. I do enjoy a good Easter egg.

Watch the music video below:

The next video is for “Ding Dong,” the video is brought to you exclusively by Big Beat Records. This was made available back in October. It’s a special project as HITCHHIKER conceptualized and produced the video himself, making a play on modern communication.

HITCHHIKER, red, square fish wearing woman and cool whip for hair painted face man, as I like to call him, return in an exciting race around the globe.









Source: Big Beat Records, SM

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