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Rich Chigga “Dat $tick”

Rich Chigga is a 17 year old rapper that I found out about thanks to my friend Daphnee, who is also a lover of Korean hip-hop. However, this is not Korean.

His real name is Brian Manuel. He’s from Indonesia, and started out as a web comedian in 2012. He began a YouTube channel releasing satirical songs in 2015. His first release was the song, “Living the Dream,” and says that he is influenced by Tyler the Creator.

Dat $tick” was released seven months later, to much controversy due to his use of the ‘N-word’.

I really like the song. The beat and the way he raps is great.

That aside, I found out more about him thanks to an interview with TheFader. In the interview he explains,

The message that I was trying to get across was basically that a bunch of weird, crazy shit happens in Indonesia too, that people don’t really know about. That’s what I was trying to say: shit happens here too. And maybe it’s different shit but it’s a thing that exists. That’s definitely not what I’m trying to do with all of my music, but I think that song is good enough to get my point across. Cause some crazy shit happens in Indonesia. Like the schools in Indonesia, the high schools, there’s this thing called Tawuran. It’s basically all the different schools are rival gangs for some reason. And they’d ride in the street and have a fight with sharp weapons. Because we don’t have guns here, but they use sharp weapons and shit. They kinda do it for no reason. So the kids are following it and on the news you’d see elementary kids doing that shit too. It happens in kinda the ghetto parts in Indonesia. But in Jakarta the ghetto area or slum area is one with the big city — you’ll see high rise buildings next to a slum.”

Watch the music video here:


If you like the song, buy it on iTunes!

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