SnackFever September Box Review

I started SnackFever as an experiment, and received two boxes, the August box and the September box.

I didn’t review the August box on video because…camera shy. However, I put those feelings aside and filmed a small review for the September box, which was a YG box, which is why I kept the subscription.


There are three different boxes you can order as a subscriber:

The Mini Box: $12 5 different products in the box

The Original Box: $20 10 different products in the box

The Deluxe Box: $40 12 different products in the box

Each month has a theme. This month is Lotte, but you only have a few hours left before the boxes ship out.

I ordered the mini box because I’m a broke ass bitch, as stated in my video. This month it came with:



Couque D’asse Strawberry – It came in a box, and there were multiple cookies individually wrapped. It’s a thin wafer filled with strawberry/cream cheese filling.

Shrimp Crackers – if I hadn’t been in the sharing spirit when I ordered these, my roommate would have had none, especially of these, because I love shrimp chips. These tasted the same as the other brand I’ve had, but they had a different shape. They were good either way.

Real Candy Peach – As I said in the video, they are similar to the strawberry candy that was in the August box, and both are pretty much Cream Savers. Really great.

Lilly’s Blueberry Monaca – Is a traditional Korean desert, according to the pamphlet (pictured above) it’s a rice pastry of some sort that’s filled with blueberry jam. It’s good, but super crumbly.

Sando Biscuit (Sweet Milk flavored) – It’s a sweet milk oreo with vanilla cookies. Better than I had anticipated, and really great.

Sample Gum – mine was either mint or eucalyptus (it’s been awhile, I can’t remember). All I remember is that the taste was so strong when I bit the gum, I almost choked. And these are tiny pieces of gum too.


All in all, it’s a pretty good subscription box, don’t forget to get yours at the official SnackFever website if you want one before the delivery deadline today (or anytime, because you can purchase past boxes too).

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