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Juice=Juice ‘Keep On: The Ambition To Succeed’ MV

I’ve probably missed a bajillion J-idol comebacks in my absence, but the moment I saw that Juice=Juice released a music video, I HAD to watch it.

It’s very 70’s and Michael Jackson inspired, and I LOVE it! It’s simple, as their music videos always are, but it’s just so great.

This is “Keep On: The Ambition To Succeed,” the first single from their double-sided release that comes out on October 26th.

Watch the music video below:


The second single, “Dream Road ~My Heart Is Dancing~” and I think I love it more than the first one. The techno beat, the SAXOPHONE, the imagery, I love everything about it.

Watch the music video below:


Pre-order the single on Amazon today! I’d look for it on iTunes, but I can’t find the store with this new update.



Source: Juice=Juice YouTube (1), (2)

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