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BreadWook: The Necessity of Study Skills

So, as y’all know, nowadays I’m busy as hell. However, it’s my day off today, and I have just come to a certain realization.

I couldn’t read Ryewook of Super Junior‘s name. It never bothered me until now. I have a basic understanding of Korean, and learned to read it with Hangul, so even though my vocabulary is limited, I can get by with casual reading of recipes, figuring out debuts, etc.

But it just hit me. Right when I saw Ryewook and Bada‘s duet for SM Station.

So in turn, I made this video of my sudden realization.

Here is the video further explaining the proper pronunciation of his name:

That little blurb about TTMIK, I actually ordered their level 1 book and workbook. You can get yours here (still not sponsored).

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