Catching Up With K-Indie: New Stuff (To Me Anyway)

Not gonna lie, totally went by weird names on this one. This is a playlist of the newer K-Indie (5 months to like, 3 days ago) that I haven’t heard before and that I like. Enjoy!

AstronautsThink About Us


BEARX “밤그늘

HobbyLove Fool” (feat. BlackBaby, 상아, 찬호)

Merry Sweet CafeMerry Sweet Cafe

Mystery House “Daily Party

SoLaTiWhat Can I Say?

Flower KimMissing U


BEARX “Maiden


BEARX “Falling Star


As you can see, within a few short…less than an hour, I am very BEARX biased.

Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve discovered a new indie love as well!


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