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Catching Up with K-Indie: Familiar Artists

I have not been able to listen to a lot of Korean indie thanks to going to work and school full time, so here I am, catching up. This post will cover names I’m familiar with, while the next post will be new stuff!

SugardonutLost Me

Eleven-ThirtyCurtain Call

Fantastic DrugstoreBefore Sunrise

ReflexGetting Black

Sugardonut “Imagine, Close Your Eyes

PhoneboothMAI 2016

Sugardonut “Flower In The Night

Sugardonut “With You

Phonebooth “The Birth of a Tragedy

Robbin with ChanyoungHide and Seek

Phonebooth “Hyewa



As you can see, Sugardonut and Phonebooth have been rather busy. A lot of other artists I can’t see, or they’ve been releasing covers and re-mixes. That’s cool, but I’m making this list for actual releases.

Stay tuned for part two!

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