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KCON LA Day 2: AKA One of the Best Days of My LYFE

So this day…in particular…was so amazing. I bet your wondering why, right? Keep reading.

Today was the day I’d see G-Friend in their fan engagement and on stage. I’ve only been stanning these girls since debut. I had finally collected all of their albums and had several posters.

Their engagement wasn’t until later, so we walked around. I bought some stuff…okay I know I went around the convention got free stuff and whatnot, I think I bought something but I can’t remember.

Because of what happened, it’s still so clear in my memory.

Okay, so I went to the G-Friend engagement around 11 AM. The line was long, it was hot, I shared my umbrella with friendly strangers, we went inside, it was GLORIOUS!~

Y’all should’ve seen the girls’ faces when we started singing “Me Gustas Tu,” they’re so precious~

Here are some photos:

After that, I headed back to the convention hall. I was in line for free water (cuz why not? BTW, it was Jeju SamDaSoo) when everyone started running. So I followed them.


(I took more, but they’re kinda fuzzy)

I felt like such a creeper taking so many pics of Danny, but I didn’t get a chance to see him in NJ (glares at a certain friend) so I was so pumped. So fucking pumped y’all don’t even know.

Okay so he interviewed them and then there was a photo op, so Danny stood off to the side. Then it ended, G-Friend were escorted away and Danny headed off stage, where he stood and took photos with people.

I’m gonna try to do a play by play of this for you. It felt like FOREVER for me.

/Takes a deep breath/

Okay so I was going to leave when I stopped. I had brought my “Taebin of 1TYM” CD again. He was so close. All I had to do was go over there, but my feet felt like lead, I couldn’t move. But I thought to myself, “Karen, when are you going to get a chance to do this again? He’s RIGHT THERE!” So I forced myself to run over there.

My hands were shaking, on the verge of convulsing as I pulled my CD and sharpie out. “Mr. Im?” I shyly called out. He didn’t hear me, so I took a deep breath and called out a little louder, “Danny?”

“Yeah?” he looked over at me real quick from taking photos. I put my CD in front of me and practically shouted, “WILL YOU SIGN MY CD?”

The look on his face y’all. He literally did a double take. “What?!” he looked at me. “Are you serious? They still made those?”

“I’ve had it since 2012!” I said a little too loud.

“No way? They still make these?” he said, he took the CD and signed it. My heart was pounding out of my chest the entire time.

“I guess so…” I replied, because what else could I say? Not much.

“You know,” he said, handing me back the CD. “My arms are flabbier than they were back then.”

“I don’t care, I still love you!” I said excitedly, clutching my CD. He walked off, and I had to walk out of there to get some air.

I tried walking past a security guard so I could sit down and collect myself, but he was trying to block me (probably because of people trying to go into restricted areas) so I had to clarify that I just wanted to sit down.

When I was far enough away from the doors that I felt comfortable, I plopped myself down…and promptly began to sob. Ugly sob. Hardcore, hyperventilating, rocking back and forth, my eyes were burning kind of sobbing.

One of the best moments of my life. I don’t remember much of the day after that. I don’t think I remember anything.

On to the concert!

The line was whatever, but I got there early enough that it wasn’t too much trouble and the wait was pretty short.

I got inside, and boy are the P5 seats hella tiny for my fat ass. I don’t remember them being that small. Anyway, the concert.

Was hella amazing y’all. Eluphant started the show. I’ve never heard of them, but they were so great. I.O.I came out and did their thing, Block B came out and it was hella AWESOME, DEAN was great, Amber made me cry (and then I cried when I figured out I accidentally deleted all the pics/video I took of her), I saw my bbys G-Friend, and I cried and sang and screamed.

Don’t even get me started on G-Friend and Astro with the Turbo and old school K-Pop tribute. And then Turbo. Like what even it was so awesome.

And then it happened. SHINee rose up out of the floor singing “Replay,” which I also sang along to, albeit poorly because I was singing through tears.

My bbys. Our boys, my fellow Shawols. I cried. Not gonna lie. Not that I did earlier, y’know. It was the day I cried like a baby, let’s just say that.

They did a great set, but my section was surprised that they didn’t do “Lucifer” or “Ring Ding Dong.” But that’s okay. Because I saw SHINee. They’re so precious ^_^

I cannot even. I cannot even y’all.

View the photos below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My friends and I were super tired, so we parted ways by text and promised to see each other the next day.

Stay tuned for my final day of KCON, my last day in Cali and my thoughts on it all!

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