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KCON LA Day 1 + Illionaire Concert

I ended up going to a concert every day during KCON. My first one was also my first Illionaire concert. This is where I began to use ‘lit’ much too much.

Okay, so the first day consisted of me heading to KCON, we waited inside, and I met some girls in line. We chatted it up and became quick…frieqaintances?!? They were trying to trade their passes.

Anywho, trying to remember since it’s been about a month since then.

I walked around looking at stuff for awhile, and then went out to food street for lunch. I stopped at the Seoul Street stall and ordered this great stuff:

Spicy squid bulgogi fries, budaejiggae ddeokkbokki (army base stew spicy rice cakes) and taro milk tea


My friend Alona then surprised me with an I.O.I audience pass! She saw someone giving it away and she thought of me ^_^ she later bought a G-Friend one for me after talking the girls down (they originally wanted $25 for it, she talked them down to $10).

So after that, I headed off. The event was hosted by JunCurryAhn, and the girls are so cute!


After that, we walked around, they left to do press things and I tried getting free stuff. Don’t judge me.

okay, go ahead, totally judge me. This is a horrible angle, with my giant bag and all. /hides/

I bought a KORE hat because they were on sale, and the one I bought I bought specifically because it looks super similar to the one BoA wore in “Masayume Chasing.”

After that, I traveled to Staples, the store. I had to print off my ticket for the Illionaire concert. Needless to say, that was a hassle in and of itself. Like, Nobody in the store really knew how to explain it and it took me almost 40 minutes for what should have been maybe a 15-20 minute ordeal.

However, I got my tickets and we later headed off to The Wiltern Theatre! 

I waited in the wrong line for a good half hour, switched lines, we waited another half hour or so before the line actually started moving, and then went in.

The first thing I did was find Alona and co, and I purchased a glow stick. One Illionaire Records No Re$t US Tour glow stick = $1. You know how much I paid for my KCON one last year? $15!!!!

Although, the snap-backs were $55…so yeah. Anyway, there wasn’t really any organization as far as people being ushered into the right direction, so my ass went down to the floor with Alona. Instead of the nosebleed seats I paid for.

I can’t remember the first MC, but JREKML was also an MC. And we’ll discuss him more later.

WP isn’t letting me embed the album, so click here to view all my Illionaire No Re$t Tour LA photos on my Facebook page. There’s also videos.

The show was great, I loved Junoflo‘s set, not that great when it came to Killagramz, but it’s not because he sucks (obviously, they put him on the tour) he’s just not my cup of tea.

Then the show began. Dok2 and The Quiett!!! IT was lit as fuuuuuuck up in there. I counted at least 13 water bottles that got thrown onto the audience in the front. Ben Baller was there too, he was throwing hats. My friend down in front almost caught one, but got knocked over by somebody (super ro0d).

Dumbfoundead showed up at the end during the finale, and it turns out, Gemini was standing in front of us the whole time. Yeah, THAT Gemini.

After the concert we headed over to McDonalds. Where we saw JRE and his co host again. After that we went for milk tea at Boba Story, where again, we ran into JRE and said co-host. Holy shit. Three times in a row, right? Alona finally stepped up to him and gave him her card, whereas I am super shy and just sat there with my milk tea. I also don’t have business cards.


Anyway, to my milk tea. It was supposed to be banana milk tea, but tasted almost exclusively of green tea. Alona said her green tea was fine, but we all agreed mine was funky af.

After that, it was time to head to the train station so I could head back to the hostel for Day 2 of KCON.

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