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Press Play: CL ‘Lifted’

This is CL‘s American debut single. Teddy produced/wrote it, and while I’d love to be all over it…eh.

Okay, so this is…okay. It started off pretty strong. The beat is sick, the first verse, sick. Then…she got a 40…and a shorty…and yeah.

Is she supposed to be bisexual? Lesbian? Was he just looking for rhyming words? Was this originally written for a guy? So many questions for that ‘shorty’ line.

Also, a 40? That’s just awkward. Just because I think CL would grab a soju or a cocktail or something else before she’d grab a 40.

Also…gosh this sounds weird for me to say, but there are so many black people. That is not a problem. Nope. But…I think there should have been more diversity?

I felt that it was too strong a reach towards the black American hip-hop listening audience and they overshot it.

However, my friend Leigh says it’s good, but in a basic way. Sadly, I agree (Sorry Teddy oppa).

Hopefully her future material will hold more promise, but this just falls flat.

Especially with the weird ass bridge scene at the end.

Watch the music video here:

This was supposed to be a small thing…oh well. Like the song? Buy it on iTunes!

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Source: CL YouTube

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