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EXO ‘LOTTO’ Comeback

EXO recently released their 3rd album repackage, “LOTTO”
 of “EX’ACT.” And…it’s okay.

I have never not liked an EXO single as much as I dislike the original release of “LOTTO.” There’s so much fucking auto tune.

Like, the music video is fantastic. The song is horrendous. And by song I mean auto-tune.

Because I’ve seen the live version and I need 1000x of it like right niaow.

Right now.

Watch the music video here:

Watch the live version here:

/melts into a puddle of goo/

So, if you like the song, buy it on iTunes! The repackage features three new tracks: “LOTTO,” “Can’t Bring Me Down,” and “She’s Dreaming.”

With the auto tune mess, “Can’t Bring Me Down” and “She’s Dreaming” are better than “LOTTO.” Without it, I’d say all three are equally good songs.

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Source: SMTOWN (1), (2), EXO Baekhyun

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