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KCONLA 2016 Trip: Day 1-3 (Travelin~ and Early Registration)

So, I guess I better get on this while it’s still fresh in my memory huh? Thus begins the telling of KCON LA!

So let’s start at the beginning shall we? I remembered my travel pillow this time! Yay!

However, once the plane took off from Iowa, it went a little crazy from there.

I got to the airport in Chicago, only to discover that they had changed my gate. so I went to the gate, only to find that they changed it again, and that it was all the way at the other end of the airport.

So my fat ass RAN. And struggled, and ran some more, barely making it in time for boarding. I could barely breathe. This was exacerbated by the fact that I have asthma. So yeah, that wasn’t fun.

From Chicago to LA was fine. It was boring and I couldn’t really sleep, but it was okay.

Fast forward getting to Cali, I missed my shuttle because my plane landed half an hour later than I had planned so I had to call another one.

After much confusion and exhaustion, it finally came and I finally made it to the hostel.

It was the same one as the last time, but they weren’t renovating this time.

Still not very well air conditioned, but the room was cleaned daily and my roommates were nice so that’s what counts.

Even though I was exhausted, I decided to go out and charge my subway card.

As I was looking through my purse, I realized I left it in the hostel, but what was an extra $1? so I just bought a new one. It has a cute new design.

I’m more than positive I did something else. Maybe not. I might’ve just headed back and did homework.

Just because I go on vacation, doesn’t mean school stops.

That was Day 1. Day 2 ran much differently.

Day 2 started off with me waking up early for free breakfast. That consisted of orange juice, oranges and bagels.

I got ready and asked about going to the beach. They said what they do is drop you off for 5-6 hours and then come back for you.


When you get cute for the beach but figure out they're gonna leave you there for 5-6 hours I am much too delicate I don't tan I burn
When you get cute for the beach but figure out they’re gonna leave you there for 5-6 hours
I am much too delicate
I don’t tan I burn


Instead, I went and explored. I’m trying to remember. That day was a bit fuzzy, it was the only day I didn’t really know what to do, because I didn’t have a specific destination in mind.

Lord almighty…I’m drawing a blank. What the fuck did I do that day? I’m in the fuckin subway station…what the hell did I do?

I’m trying to remember if I did any actual shopping or if I just went somewhere to go somewhere, y’know?

I went to K-Town but I don’t remember what I did.

Let’s fast forward to day 3, because I really can’t remember what I did.

However, on Day 3, I went to early registration. I got there a little too early, so I sat near the Staples Center and caught Pokemon for a bit.

After that, my friend Nati, who lives in Cali told me there was a Target around there. At least I’d be in the air conditioning and near food.

I got lost, went too far, and then found Target after 20~ish minutes. It’s down below some other stores. There’s a place like that in Hollywood, I just didn’t think about it at first.

Well, I bought some lunch and coffee and sat in Target’s Starbucks, where I caught more Pokemon.

I texted my friend Alona, who thankfully was there this year. It would have been so lonely.

We met up after awhile. And by awhile I meant after I had registered. I met a few girls in line and we chatted it up while we made our way through. They were really nice.

After that, Alona and her cousin arrived shortly after and they then registered. I had never met her cousin before, but she’s really nice. After that, we went to lunch down the street.

Bulgogi sandwich with chips and mashed potatoes after a long day at early registration.
Bulgogi sandwich with chips and mashed potatoes after a long day at early registration.


I partially ordered the potatoes because they reminded me of my friend Molly. But also because I was starving. This was at Lawry’s Carvery. It’s delicious.

After that, we explored the K-Town plaza together. Where I spent $68 on K-Pop merch. This included my G-Friend albums and six SHINee photocards.


After that, we went into another store in the plaza. I wanted to get something for my roommate, but I couldn’t find my wallet in my dinky purse. Alona kindly paid so the awkward situation was not made more awkward.

so sweet ;~;

I found it by the way. I carried my bigger purse for the duration of my trip after that day.

After that store, we headed to a store that specialized more in anime, but also carried K-Pop merchandise. I bought a B2ST poster and a SNK keychain for my bestie.

After that, I think we headed to Target. We picked up some stuff for our individual dinners (it was almost separating time), and she told me that they were going to the Illionaire leg of their US tour the next night. I asked if I could tag along and we decided we would go together then.

After I got home, I purchased a ticket, checked my homework and went to bed.


Those were the first three days of my KCON LA trip. Stay tuned for Day 1 of KCON LA!

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