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1TYM Debut Album Unboxing

Fandom Achievement Unlocked: procuring debut album.

That’s right. Tis I, holder of all my ultimate bias group’s albums.

I finally did it


Y’all know how much I love 1TYM. They are my light. My everything…as far as male biases go. /BoA side eyes me from the shadows/

They beat out SHINee for #1 and I love them so much (get ready for some of the cheesiest shit you’ll ever read). They mean so much to me and I can’t even

/legit tears up at the thought of how much I love 1TYM/

Ugh! I’m battling with myself. Should I tell you ONCE AGAIN how much I love 1TYM? So much. So many.

It’s another group of idiots that ruined my life, but it’s THE idiot group that I’ll always love.

I met Danny this year and he SIGNED MY TAEBIN OF 1TYM CD (More about that when I blog about my KCONLA adventures)!

This CD is just topping everything that’s happened. I’m so glad I found it.

A few years ago, I couldn’t find 1TYM’s first, third and fifth CD outside of a very expensive online shop. For $60 (the first CD). Plus (estimate) $17 shipping.

As frivolous and spontaneous as I can be, I can’t drop damn near $80 on a CD. Not even for my ultimate bias group.

I don’t even do that for Namie or BoA. Or Jolin.

Here is the Instagram photo of all my 1TYM CDs:


Below is the unboxing video. I came home from work to a note on my mailbox about a package. I called the post office LITERALLY just in time for the mailman with my package to walk in the backdoor of the post office.

I walked down there so fast. It was a box in a bigger box, and since the bigger box wouldn’t fit in my bag, i had to just take the smaller one, I got home, and this happened.

I’m really surprised not only because it came so quick, but I messed up on my address. So with the limited Korean I have, I emailed the seller. Luckily, they got it.

I got an email that said ‘call our customer service number for change of address’ because I was inputting my address and tried clicking ‘USA,’ but it must have slipped and landed on Hong Kong.

Luckily I got to the seller in time. It said it was preparing for shipment when I sent the email.

I thought I’d be out $25 and a CD, but I am pleasantly surprised and grateful.

And yes, I would have bought another CD if it had come down to it. Like hell Imma let the opportunity slip from my hands.

Watch the video here:

Oh wow, I forgot to add where I got it from. Gmarket. I bought the album on Gmarket. Originally I think it was around $10~$11 and it jumped up to around $23~$25 with shipping.

My math is horrible and so is my memory but I’m too lazy to look.

So if you want a 1TYM album, try searching Gmarket!

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