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KCONNY: Coming Home and Afterthoughts

After the final concert, my friends and I gathered outside the Prudential Center one last time at the giant, shiny hockey player statue. In a trip of firsts, we had come to one of our lasts.

After the last day of KCONNY, we said goodbye to our friends, packed up into the van and started out. Once we hit the first diner though, I realized that I had left my wallet.

Leigh was more than willing to pay for me, but I was still filled with shame and embarrassment.

We had already turned back a few minutes out to go back because Jenna forgot her headphones (silly Jenna).

What made it less embarrassing was that Mitch had also left something behind so we went back again, got our stuff, and finally went off.

We didn’t take the scenic route this time, so we got back to Virginia in a pretty speedy time frame.

I had an entire extra day, so we spent that time exploring the citay, and by citay, i mean where my friend lives.

I had to write a paper for school, so that morning we all headed out to the library. The library has actually won architecture awards, according to Leigh.

It was a building, built over a building.

building plus building

I am actually inside the building, if you couldn’t tell from that photo. So I was writing a paper, I got to three and a half pages, and the computer, DELETES MY PAPER. Like restarts the computer and makes me sign in again.

I assume this is to keep people from staying on the computer all day or something. At any rate I cried to Leigh (through text message) about feeling like a waste, because I did. She assured me that I did not waste time and such motherly things.

Afterwards, Leigh and small child went home, while Jenna, Molly and myself explored Norfolk.

We went to the harbor where I got to see a giant battleship (we were still with Leigh and small child at the time), boats, a theatre, there are mermaids all over the citay, the Pagoda, which is surrounded by gardens. And then we sat on a giant anchor.

It was great. You can view the pictures from my last day in Norfolk here:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Obviously, this is just a small fraction of the fun and experience I had in Virginia/NJ and along the east coast. It was great, and I can’t wait to see my friends again.

Someday soon. Before Christmas. We’re counting on it, anyway.

Thanks for following my adventures, and thanks for your patience, look forward to my KCONLA adventures, coming soon!

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