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I.O.I ‘Whatta Man’

I.O.I have made a comeback with “Whatta Man,” a modern K-Pop cover of Salt N’ Peppa‘s 90’s hip hop cover featuring En Vogue, of Linda Lyndell‘s 1968 hit written by Dave Crawford.

Whatta mouthful.

This song harkens back to my childhood. This was a great song back then.

I was a little worried about I.O.I covering what I considered such a powerful song, but the way their cover was composed was perfect for their group.

While its different its not a disappointment. It’s still got that charm that takes me back while still standing on its own.

The music video is somewhat charming, and I’m looking forward to a dance version, to be honest.

Watch the music video below:

Sadly, the single has not been released as of yet.

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Source: 1theK Official YouTube

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