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G-Friend Making A Comeback With First Full Length Album!

/SQUEEEEEEES/ MA BABIES~ /cannot breathe/ /suffocates/ So yeah, G-Friend are making a comeback. I’m super excited.

G-Friend have recently released the highlight medley for their first full length album, “LOL,” which stands for “Love Out Loud,” after recently having released the video teasers for their main title track, “Navillera.”

The release is set for July, 11th at 11 AM KST.

I missed so many photo teasers you guys. I didn’t get the ones I don’t like (like…two) but here are some collages of them. There are literally so many.

View the teasers below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

View the video teasers below:

For those of you wondering, “Navillera” is actually not a Spanish word. The word is actually an old Korean word meaning, “fluttering.” A perfect example would be the one I found at OneHallyu, which uses a line from Choi Ji Hoon (1920-1968)’s poem, “The Monk’s Dance.” Visit their website for the full explanation!

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Source: G-Friend Official Facebook, Official YouTube (1), (2)

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