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KCONNY Day 1: Travelin~

So, KCONNY ended on the 25th. It’s been a few days, but that’s a personal thing. The good thing is, I feel better enough to tell you about it now!

So the 21st, I had to double check my luggage. It was pretty hard to get to sleep. I got up early, checked it again, and was a mess. My flight took off around 1 PM.

Little did I know until I got to the airport, that I had forgotten to pack my neck pillow T^T however, my 2NE1 jacket made a suitable substitute.

Anyway, my flights were so close together that I really didn’t get to eat. It didn’t help that my gates changed in Chicago three times before I got there.

I ended up reading all but one chapter of “The Magician’s Nephew” on the plane. Pretty rad book. Yes, I’ve read it before. A lot. It’s my favorite one out of the Narnia series by C.S. Lewis. It’s also the first one.

Back to the point…

Afterwards, when I finally landed in Virginia, I got lost in the tiny ass airport because they were remodeling that part of the airport.

But at last, I found my Leigh, who also brought our friend Molly. It was really nice to finally get to meet some of my best friends in person.

After we left the airport, which is right next to the botanical gardens (says Leigh, it’s really pretty, btw) we went to the international grocery store.

There, I got to see live crabs (I touched one), there were octupi (they were dead, but I saw them), squid, fish heads, other fish (they live in a port town).

There was also Korean food. That and other food from around the world. From Indonesia (I bought some coffee crackers, they were the bomb!), Japan, China, Mexico, etc. I also ended up buying shrimp chips out of curiosity (oh, how I miss them so), banana milk (still as delicious as I remember it) and melon milk (also, still delicious).

melon milk
banana milk and shrimp chips. Oh, how I miss you, shrimp chips. T^T

It was all gone in a matter of hours. As I said, there wasn’t a lot of time to eat between my layovers.

me with my goodies
me with my goodies

We got to Leigh’s house and we ate pizza and I met Jenna (aaayyyy gurl~), we watched Sistar’s new music video and ran through some YouTube K-Pop playlists before we went to bed.

I also wrote a paper on my phone. It was hard. I’m bringing my computer next time.

The next day we (Molly, Leigh’s youngest daughter and I) were up at around 7. Around 9, Leigh went to drop off her kids with a relative and the six of us (there was Leigh’s boyfriend, his friend and Jenna going too) piled into the van and we were off!

Along the way, we stopped at a rest stop chain several times. It’s called WaWa, and it’s magnificent. You order food off of a  computer and they make it in store.

wawa bagel

wawa cinbun

This sounds very simple, I know. But we don’t have these in Iowa.

There was a tunnel in Virginia (two, actually) IT WAS UNDER THE OCEAN. I HAVE BEEN UNDER THE OCEAN IN A CAR, FOUR TIMES U GUISE.


So, we accidentally took a scenic tour of Maryland, before making it to Delaware (which I accidentally asked ‘Denver,’ and no one will let this die), and then multiple people, including myself, got sick several times.

After all that was over, we stopped at a diner after we settled into a relative’s house in New Jersey. I did not keep it down. It was delicious though.

After that, we all went to sleep for the next day.

WHICH WAS KCON! Stay tuned for Day 1 of KCON NY! Enjoy some extra photos! I don’t know where they belong so here you go!

a ship on the Atlantic Ocean. I have now seen both oceans. Yay!
First experience with Dunkin Donuts. DELICIOUS!~

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