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Romeo ‘MIRO’ MV

So, I realized that they were releasing some new material, but I hadn’t really taken a look. It’s been a ride between KCON and school. But Romeo ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Romeo recently released their music video for “MIRO,” in conjunction for the release of their 3rd mini album of the same name.

I admit…what…it’s been maybe 25-30 minutes since I started this post (I got distracted), and I already bought the entire album.


There’s also Minho of SHINee as the dungeon…master…crystal ball person…I have no idea what he’s doing there, but you keep at it.

Random fact, I am currently wearing my Minho socks. Indeed. Moving on,

The dancing is great, it’s Romeo quality, and the vocals are just as beautiful as ever.

Watch the music video here:

Oh yeah, they also released a small video for the jacket-making photo shoot. So don’t forget to watch that below too:

Like the song?  Buy the album! Sell your soul! I mean…buy the album on iTunes!

Like Romeo?





Daum Cafe



Source: Romeo Official YouTube (1), (2)

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