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EXO’s ‘Monster’ + ‘Lucky One’ MV + Album Review

So, I haven’t viewed either music video  of EXO‘s comeback yet. Mostly due to uni stuff, but also overtime. I’ve been exhausted. The other day I fell asleep as soon as I got home. At 6 pm. I woke up at 5 that morning.

I can’t wait for my vacation. We’re down to single digits now. #8moredays


EXO recently released their 3rd full length album titled “Ex’Act.

So, this will be the first time I’m viewing either music video. First, we’ll go with “Monster.” General consensus on the internets says this is the more popular song out of the two.

Watch the music video here (Chinese ver. here):

Lord have mercy on my soul, for I have been slayed by that beat, the melody AND the choreo. Of course, EXO are always on point with their dancing. It’s a powerful song with great cohesion. A+

Now, on to “Lucky One.” Again, according to people I’ve talked to, they say the song is good but the video takes away from it.

We shall see.

Watch the music video here (Chinese ver. here):

The return of their powers, and it’s as I’ve heard. Everyone else is showcasing their talents, and there’s Kai. Dancing.

There’s exploding heads, magical escapades and most importantly, escaping the laboratory.

Now, on to review the rest of the album. The album (without alternate Chinese/Korean versions, depending on which language you prefer) comes with 11 songs. 9 of those are songs. Two of those are instrumentals to “Monster” and “Lucky One.”

3. Artificial Love – The beat seems kind of weak. So far, it’s my least favorite track.

4. Cloud 9 – It seems pretty chill. However… even though I like the first two songs, we’re almost halfway through…and it still doesn’t seem strong enough. This song is definitely better than “Artificial Love,” that’s for sure. It does get a little better as the song progresses. Otherwise, it’s just good. But not great.

5. Heaven – I really like the piano in this song, but it’s just another ‘okay’ song.

6. White Noise – This is better than the other track. I really like it. Third favorite song. Verging on second. “Lucky One” has competition.

7. One and Only – It’s a good song. Not much more, but good.

8. They Never Know – I love it. This is great. I can’t even explain how great this song is. It has a modern beat, but throwback vocals. New favorite, hands down.

9. Stronger –  It’s another nice song. It’s mellow and harmonic, but I’m not really digging it.


Overall, I give the album a 4/9. I’d like to give it a 7/10, but that wouldn’t really be honest. If you like the album, you can pick it up on iTunes!

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Source: SMTOWN (1), (2)

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