So Hyang ‘Arirang Alone’ Live Video

Okay, so I was going through Facebook, and there were videos of like, the longest notes, and this was on there. It’s magnificent. So I went back, got the artists’ names from the songs, and I LOOOOOVE this song. I really haven’t tried to listen to Korean folk music. Not that I hate folk music, it’s just not something I’ve really explored.

Anyway, this is the singer So Hyang, and she’s performing the song “Arirang Alone” on KBS‘ “Immortal Song 2.

As per research purposes, I’ve found musesnmelodies, in which they perfectly explain the meaning of the song:

This song is a cover of a Korean folk song {simply titled, “Arirang“] said to be the unofficial anthem of Korea. It is a national symbol of their past and history as a country. It had came from the older generation when Korea was once oppressed by Japan. The first Emperor of Korea (17th century) had even invited troupes to perform Arirang. The song has a meaning that if they can go through their harsh reality, there will be a better future. It inspired me to try to write a story about it with a similar historical conflict and being able to overcome it.

I cried the first time I watched this. Partially because I’m a crybaby, also because it is beautiful.

Watch the video below:

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