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KCONLA: Tickets + Artists + Updates

I’ve been focusing mainly on KCONNY because that’s my biggest (and was my only one just hours ago) trip, but I’m going to LA, so I thought I’d make a post about the tickets, artists and such!

KCONLA will once again, be held at the Staples Center for three days, between the 29th-31st of July.

Tickets originally went on sale the 3rd of June, then were switched to the 10th (combo, singles go on sale the 13th), then switched back, then switched back to the 10th AGAIN. All within a matter of hours.

KCON’s official Facebook page assured concert-goers that it was to make sure everything was announced before ticket sales.

Tonight it was announced that KCONLA would get yet ANOTHER artist announcement next week during the live chat.

Here is the current lineup for both venues, as provided by K-LUV:


kconla lineup

so, as you can see, there is (possibly only) one more announcement. Maybe they’ll pull a KCONNY and announce two, who knows.

Here’s a chart for ticket prices (they are the same for both venues), just in case anyone’s forgotten. I’m not going to splurge on a P2 or anything since most of my money is going to NY. But I’m so excited. I WILL BREATHE THE SAME AIR AS SHINee AND G-FRIEND.


kcon ny stuff


I wasn’t paying attention to the live chat (I never do, I’m always in class anyway), but according to people who did watch it, they announced contests that would happen during the con for NY.

The last artist announcement will happen next live chat and the next day, tickets go on sale.

As I said to my fellow KCONNY goers, may the odds be ever in your favor.

PS don’t forget that $25 convention fee for LA, and make sure to factor in processing costs for your tickets!

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