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Namie Is A B.A.B In ‘Mint’

Do I really need to define B.A.B? Think about my potty mouth for a second. There you go. That is Namie Amuro with “Mint” for you.

In military-esque garb wearing a flowing off the shoulder, I guess what I’d call a cape, she looks hella badass.

In the next frame she’s wearing a flowy cream dress with flowers in a head of curls while in ANOTHER screen she’s wearing a short business suit kinda dress with her backup dancers in tow every shot.

It’s just so awesome. And the song is so high energy. I didn’t last three days before I ordered it. Hell I PRE ordered it.

I am Namie trash.

Watch the music video here:

The single was released on the 18th, and comes with a B-side single, “Chit Chat,” check out a teaser below:


It’s so damn catchy, isn’t it?

Like Namie Amuro?








Source: Namie Amuro Official YouTube, Namie Amuro Facebook (fanpage)

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