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SHINee: Thanks For Existing (8 Year Anniversary)

I usually don’t make these posts. They’re cheesy and full of feels and I don’t need more of those. But then again…

Yesterday (5/25) marked the international date of SHINee‘s 8th debut anniversary, though technically they debuted the day before in Korean time.

If it weren’t for SHINee, I don’t know how deep into K-Pop I would have gotten, or for how long.

I wouldn’t have had the experiences or the friendships. The heartache or lack of sleep. But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

(Look at this shit, gettin cheesy. This is exactly why I refuse to feel and post this shit. I still love them tho T_T)

So I’d like to blame my friends Emi and Elizabeth for introducing me to SHINee, after we discovered we all liked BoA, and subsequently *ruining* my life in the best way possible.

Because without them I wouldn’t have found SHINee, and if it weren’t for SHINee I wouldn’t have found everybody else, and I wouldn’t be where I am today.

So here is “Replay” for all the feelz. Happy (late) anniversary, SHINee.

For stronger feelz, watch in poor 2010 YouTube quality.


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