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Jonghyun Releases ‘좋아 (She Is)’ + Album Review

Major feelz overload. Jonghyun has recently released the music video for his lead single, “좋아 (She Is)” aka “I Like (She Is),” for his third album, but first full length album of the same name.

The song is super funky and great, but the music video…is super…yellow…and…girls are pouring ketchup on their b00bs…it’s very confusing.

Especially since the lyrics are all cute about how he loves his girlfriend just the way she is and he’s…going in and out of boxes around a construction site.

Okay then, whatever floats your boat, babe.

Watch the music video here:

Like the song? Pick it up on iTunes! I love the song, but I also love other songs on the album like, “White T-Shirt,” “우주가 있어 (Orbit),” “AURORA,” okay this might be easier to list the songs I don’t like so much, because I love the whole album.

I am Jonghyun of SHINee trash.

I don’t like “Moon” that much compared to everything else, it’s just not a very strong release, to be honest. “Suit Up” is weaker than most songs, but stronger than “Moon,” and I think that’s it for ‘not-so-favorite’ songs.

“AURORA” is super funky and reminds me a lot of Prince, so A++. But my favorite aside from “좋아 (She Is)” would be “White T-Shirt.” It’s so uptempo and amazing and energetic. I could listen to it all day.

Like Jonghyun?




Source: SMTOWN Official YouTube

2 thoughts on “Jonghyun Releases ‘좋아 (She Is)’ + Album Review

  1. Moon is the most popular song on the album next to she is lol I’m not judging, but you said it wasn’t a strong release but in reality it’s very strong. Just doesn’t fit your preference.


    1. of course it’s a personal preference. Personal blog and all ^_^ thank you for reading it and giving feedback though!


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