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Jessica ‘Love Me The Same’ Doesn’t Suck As Much As I Thought It Would

So, I listened to Jessica‘s “Fly,” and was less than impressed. However, I watched “Love Me The Same,” and was surprisingly impressed with how much of a lovely song it is.

That, and the music video is totally my aesthetic.

The two songs are from her debut solo album, “With Love, J.” The release is from Coridel Entertainment, her new management company.

She grows a lil cactus and tries to feed it people food, but it is not a people.

I hope she knows how to take care of one, because if it dies, it means she’s less nurturing than a desert.


Watch the  music video here:


The album was released on iTunes on May 16th, so go get it!

Like Jessica?








Source: Coridel Entertainment YouTube

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