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KCONNY: Tickets and Drama

Okay, so remember when I was talking about how getting tickets for KCONNY during work was gonna be hella stressful? Well it was, but not for the original reasons. 

Let’s start with last night. Me and my friends were guessing groups like Red Velvet and SHINee, because that’s what the hints were looking like.

Boy were we so off. They are: Eric Nam, Crush, Dynamic Duo.

I’m super excited for Eric. Even though I like Crush, I’m not a huge fan. He and Dynamic Duo were grouped together performance wise, so if you went to LA last year and witnessed the Crush x Zion T collab, expect something similar in NY.

We were somewhat disappointed, not necessarily because we’re being brats (I’m a total brat, I admit it. LA spoiled me), but because our lineup was just…thrown together this week. Like there was no thought into it.

So anyway, it all started this afternoon, lunch to be precise. When  I started it was fine. Work was meh~ but whatever. Fast forward to lunch, and my friends and I can hardly contain ourselves,


So I’m trying to log on to the Ticketmaster Android app, and that isn’t working so I try the full body site. Nope. Switch back and forth until finally, the full site works.

Most of the problem was trying to get seats I wanted. As a con-goer who usually goes to LA, and therefore buys tickets via AXS, Ticketmaster was hell.

They had the generic map from KCON and looking for a seat…ugh. Hell. You had to keep refreshing, and I was on the cusp of giving up when I FINALLY got the seat I wanted after almost 20 minutes.

For reference, AXS has a rather detailed seating plan you can look at and it’s much easier to buy your tickets. Take notes, Ticketmaster.

Another note to add is that they added a $10 fee to all ticket sales without telling anyone. I figured it out when I was reading a post from an event group my friends and I follow. It’s a regular concert fee, they just *forgot* to mention it. Or whatever. Doesn’t matter now, it’s already been implemented.

That aside, I am SO excited! All I have to do now is pack my suitcase and head off! Six weeks and counting!

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